ESU - AFR Flat File Upload Testing Site is OPEN for 20202021.

For Testing
Upload your file for a preliminary check for basic errors, including Account Codes and Agency ID's. This site usually open until the ESU-AFR website opens.

The ESU needs to be identified with the NDE Assigned AgencyID (00-00##-000). If you need help identifying this code for your ESU, they are available here under District/School Codes: ESU Agency ID's

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions pages for help Online FAQ

Please refer to our list of Upload Errors Error Information
To upload your test file:

  1. Click the Browse button below to find your test AFR Flat File (CSV) on your local system.
  2. Select the CSV file.
  3. Click the Upload button to submit the Flat File (CSV) to NDE for initial validation. (See the File Layout document for detailed information about the flat file construction.)
    1. Invalid Agency ID's and Account Codes will be displayed below. These must be corrected before you can proceed to view reports
  4. View reports on the flat file you uploaded by clicking on the 'Show Reports' button.

  Please be patient and only click 'Upload' once - the page will refresh

Record Limit: 500,000